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About Cheryl 

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Supervisor

EMDRIA Approved Consultant -Call for Individual and Group Consultation

EMDR Certified Therapist

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR Training Facilitator

Cheryl serves on the LEMIT PEER Team as an MHP for PCIS. 

Cheryl serves as a MHP for Foundation 1023.

Peak Performance Training - Mental Skills Training for Athletes and all Performers and Business Professionals

Business Professionals as well as students and all performers benefit from this unique peak performance coaching. Syncing up the mind and body to maximize sustained peak performance is accomplished by removing blocks and utilizing specific mental skills.

The results are improved focus, self-control, and confidence. These individuals can then take control of their performance and regain their competitive edge. 

Law Enforcement Officers/First Responders/Military

​First Responders of all kinds have unique needs in successfully managing their stressful careers where they are repeatedly exposed to human suffering.

I am committed to helping them recover from the impact of repeated traumatic stress exposure and build resilience throughout their careers.

I am trained in efficient and evidence-based treatment interventions for the first responder and their families; Whether it be a stress response following a critical incident, or a pile-up of stress over time, I help facilitate a system reboot to diminish post-traumatic stress symptoms and restore resiliency.

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