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Bioregulation Therapy is a unique and highly-effective wellness modality that uses advanced pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to support biological communications at the cellular level – ultimately helping the body self-regulate, adapt, and heal naturally.


Cellular communication is critical to the body’s adaptation, regulation, and healing processes, which help to maintain overall health and deal with the causes and symptoms of deterioration and disease.

Every organ in the body has it's own bioelectromagnetic field, and every single cell in the body communicates via electromagnetic fields – at an overall rate of trillions of chemical reactions per second. In order to maintain balance and sustain optimum health, all of the body’s organs, tissues, and subsystems require precise and synchronized cellular communications to effectively process these instantaneous exchanges. When these critical communications are disrupted or blocked, the body’s cells, tissues, and organs may be compromised and unhealthy symptoms to follow.


During BRT sessions, BRT devices safely deliver very low intensity electromagnetic signals. These signals create gentle electromagnetic field changes that facilitate improved cellular communications within the body. More specifically, BRT signals target very specific communication channels in order to clear blockages and restore communication pathways. Once this happens, the body can more efficiently process the electrical and chemical exchanges associated with those channels and address imbalances or dysfunctions in those areas – leading to restored inner balance and improved adaptations and natural healing.


Safe and non-invasive, BRT can be used to help a wide range of physical and emotional imbalances across all of the major systems of the body, as well as preventively to maintain overall wellness. Beneficial for adults, seniors, and children, BRT is the ideal support for anyone who wants a natural and holistic path to wellness. BRT devices work together with the body’s own inner communication processes to address a variety of needs and purposes:


  • Health and wellness – anti-aging, allergies, detoxification, digestion, fatigue, inflammation, circulation, relaxation, chronic disease, sleep, stress, sensory processing, emotional well-being

  • Workplace – circulation, concentration, digestion, electrosmag, fatigue, productivity, stress, ergonomics

  • Sports – performance, recovery

  • Education and learning – circulation, concentration, memory, stress

Anonymous Client

"With Bioregulation (BRT), “I feel like it’s a reset like I was before (trauma)."
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